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Our commitment to generate long-term value for all stakeholders and society as a whole

Relationship with local and global communities

As a travel tech company helping millions of customers experience the world, we strive to establish valuable connections  with the local communities where we operate, fostering growth and  creating new job opportunities. This extends beyond our office locations across the world, to encompass all the destinations that we serve worldwide. Hence, maintaining robust, mutually advantageous partnerships with our suppliers and business associates worldwide is of utmost importance.

Employee volunteering

Our Volunteering Policy gives our employees the chance to use up to 2 days per year supporting charity projects sponsored by the company and the lastminute foundation, or for whatever cause that is meaningful to them. We are always open to new volunteering activities and our employees are strongly encouraged to pitch in ideas for new non-profit projects.

Promoting an equal and more inclusive society

Travelling should be one of the most enjoyable moments in life, a moment to feel free to be yourself: this idea embodies our core values as a brand, and we really want to do our part in building a society that truly embraces diversity. Our very own company value “Be Yourself” encourages all employees – and everyone else – to be their real, authentic selves both at work and outside of work every day. We have a long history partnering with Pride events and associations, and in July 2022 we were the main sponsor of the Madrid Orgullo (Pride), the biggest parade in Europe (and second only to New York in size).

Thinking Globally, acting locally

As a company that has grown from a start-up to an international holiday provider, we embrace the importance of having a global mindset while making a local impact. To begin with, this translates into concrete initiatives aimed at generating value within the places where we are based. In Chiasso (Switzerland), home of our headquarters, we have partnered with the local Municipality in their initiative to revitalise and add some colour to certain parts of the town. This is how a beautiful mural was created right next to our office, giving the area new vibrant colours… and yes, this of course includes our Pink.

“The real social capital of a company lies in people — employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. Together, they form a big community living in territories that – to us – mean much more than just office locations. We believe it is vital to actively contribute, share resources and foster both economic and human connections in these places. We want to be a community within a community”

Fabio Salvatore – Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer

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