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Our commitment to generate long-term value for all stakeholders and society as a whole

Our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint

We want to help people make unforgettable memories while traveling the world and because of that, we’re committed to do what is within our power to play an active role in protecting our planet through concrete actions.

Reducing our direct energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as involving our stakeholders in our environmental protection projects are priorities in this sense.

As a tech company, we believe that technology can be a powerful force for good. Even though our core activities have a relatively low impact, our Group engaged in a series of activities aimed at assessing our environmental footprint and developed a structured plan to make our business more sustainable.

CO2 emissions

After assessing the emissions connected to our operations, we define specific reduction targets and related KPIs on a regular basis and keep  monitoring the process.

Circular economy

Our technological assets are our main working tools, and we’re aware of their impact on the environment. We aim to actively reduce their footprint (1) maximising the lifespan of our technical equipment, (2) giving them new life following the principles of circular economy, (3) ensuring appropriate disposal options for recycling.

Sustainable practices

From waste management in our offices to business trip guidelines, we strive to ensure a more and more sustainable corporate culture across our operations.

Ocean & River Protection

Raising our own people’s awareness on the environmental issues affecting our planet is key. In 2022, we started an “Ocean & River Protection” initiative aimed at giving our contribution in cleaning up public areas and raising awareness of waste management problems, especially plastic littering and ocean pollution. An issue that is strongly connected to travellers habits and overtourism.

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