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Our latest numbers, from stock information to the number of issued shares

Share Documentation

  • Number of Shares

    At IPO – 15 April 2014: before the partial exercise of the greenshoe, the number of issued shares and voting rights amounted to 14,548,711.

    Download the list of stabilization trades with respect to the initial public offering in the period from 15 April 2014 to 15 May 2014 (publication in accordance with article 55e letter e of the Ordinance regarding Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading).

    From 16 May 2014 to 6 February 2018: before the cancellation of 765,017 treasury shares, the number of issued shares and voting rights amounted to 14,622,631.

    From 7 February 2018 to 27 September 2018: after the cancellation of 765,017 treasury shares, the number of issued shares and voting rights amounted to 13,857,614.

    Current number of issued shares and voting rights (as from 28 September 2018): after the cancellation of 2,193,395 treasury shares, the number of issued shares and voting rights amounts to 11,664,219.

  • Share Buyback


    The shareholders of NV granted the current authorization to the Board to repurchase up to a maximum of 1,166,422 NV’s shares.

    Current Program

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    July 2021

    Maximum buyback volume per day

    The maximum buyback volume per day in accordance with article 123(1)(c) of the Swiss Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance is 6,401 shares.

    Buyback Transaction Report | 2022

    Buyback Transaction Report Archive | 2014 to 2021

  • Partial Self Tender Offer 2018

    The board of directors of the Company (the “Board of Directors”), and its special committee (the “Committee”) appointed to investigate the feasibility of the potential transaction, has been authorised to acquire, during a period beginning on the date of the EGM held on 21 September 2017 and ending on 21 March 2019, through a Partial Self Tender Offer (the “PSTO”) up to 33 1/3% of the Company’s share capital as at the date of the launch of the PSTO, for a price per share not less than the nominal value of a share and with a maximum of the on-exchange closing price of a share on the SIX Swiss Exchange on the trading day prior to the date of the publication of the Offer Prospectus plus a 20% premium. 

    According to the Offer Prospectus published on the 10th April 2018, the PSTO shall extend to 2,193,395 shares of the Company (the “Offer Shares”), representing 15.83% of the share capital of the Company, at an offer price of CHF 16 net in cash (the “Offer Price”) per share .

    Up to the expiration of the Offer Period on 9 May 2018, 4:00 pm CEST, a total of 4,684,562 lastminute Shares have been tendered into the Offer, corresponding to 33.80% of all lastminute Shares listed as of 9 May 2018 respectively 213.58% of the 2,193,395 lastminute Shares that are the object of the Offer (success rate). 

     As until the expiration of the Offer Period, more than 2’193’395 lastminute Shares have been validly tendered, lastminute have reduced the number of shares accepted pro rata to 2,193,395 lastminute Shares as described in section A.2 (Object of the Offer) of the Offer Prospectus.

  • Unsponsored ADRs

    Effective 10 October 2008, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission made it possible for U.S. depository institutions or banks to establish ADR programs in respect of the shares of certain non-U.S. issuers without the consent or participation of such issuers (the so called “Unsponsored ADRs”).

    An ADR or American Depositary Receipt is a negotiable receipt, similar to a stock certificate, which is issued by a U.S. bank or depository to evidence a share of a non-U.S. issuer that has been deposited with the U.S. bank or depository.

    An Unsponsored ADR program is set up without the cooperation from the non-U.S. issuer or even without its consent. NV does not support or encourage the creation of Unsponsored ADR programs in respect of its securities and, in any event, disclaims any liability in connection with an Unsponsored ADR. NV makes no representation to any U.S. bank or depositary regarding its compliance with Rule 12g3-2(b), and any such bank or depository must rely solely on its own analysis in relation thereto.