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You’ve got questions, we’ve got you covered.

Are interviews online or in-person?
The early stages of the selection process take place online, with potential on-site requirements in later stages, contingent upon the role, contract type, and the candidate’s geographic proximity to our office.
How can I prepare for an interview with
First, make sure you read the job description and check out our website and LinkedIn. Be on time for the interview, and finally, just relax and be yourself. 😉
What are the most appreciated soft skills to work at
Our corporate values not only shape our choices and actions but also play a crucial role in our selection of new team members, who we affectionately refer to as ‘Pink People.’ We seek individuals who can really own what they do, actively engage in their tasks and tackle challenges. But we also value authenticity, encouraging our team to bring their true selves to work, leveraging their own individuality as a source of inspiration for others.
What are the steps of the selection process?
First, our People team sets up a quick 10 to 15-minute phone chat with you. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other and share some basic info. After that, the process varies depending on the job. Some roles involve a more in-depth 30-minute chat with our People team, followed by a ‘technical’ interview with the Manager. Others jump straight to a chat with the Manager. And for positions like Tech, Creative, and Finance, there might be a test or a business case to tackle.
How do I make an application or a CV stand out?
For sure, a well-organised resume that highlights your main experiences and projects is a winner. But, hey, don’t leave out the essentials, like your contact info! And just a quick reminder, don’t forget to attach your CV when you apply.
I see multiple locations listed on the job I’m interested in. What does this mean?
You can find the same job listed in multiple spots, so pick the one you fancy most, the closest to you, or the place you dream of moving to. As for full remote positions, you simply have to be based in the same country flagged in the job position.