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lastminute.com’s Holiday Packages drive Revenues to new heights in the first half of 2023 – significant growth for Adjusted EBITDA expected for FY 2023

Amsterdam / Chiasso, 3 August 2023 – lastminute.com N.V. (“lastminute.com”), the European Travel-Tech leader in Dynamic Holiday Packages, today publishes its results for the first half of 2023 (unaudited figures). The second quarter of 2023 was in line with the exceptionally strong second quarter of 2022, which was boosted by the withdrawal of last Covid restrictions in March 2022.

AGM 2023 of lastminute.com N.V. approves all agenda items

Amsterdam / Chiasso, 30 June 2023 – lastminute.com N.V. (“lastminute.com”), the European Travel-Tech leader in Dynamic Holiday Packages, today held its 2023 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of shareholders in Amsterdam. All items on the agenda were approved, including the appointment of Marco Forasassi Torresani as new Non-Executive Director of the Board.

lastminute.com shows record revenues and solid profitability in 2023

Amsterdam / Chiasso, 17 May 2023 – lastminute.com N.V. (“lastminute.com”), the European travel tech leader in dynamic holiday packages, today releases its Q1 results 2023.
Key news includes:
– Gross Travel Value (GTV) reached an all-time first quarter high of over €1 billion (€1,070 million), +57% vs Q1 2022 and higher than in Q1 2019.
– Bookings grew strongly and showed a 19% increase over the first quarter of 2022 while Revenues grew 39% vs Q1 2022 to €92.2 million.
– The results are driven by strong demand from customers and a higher share of Holiday Packages compared to Q1 2022 with related revenues increasing by 75% vs Q1 2022.

lastminute.com launches two new holiday planning products powered by ChatGPT

  • New CEO of lastminute.com believes investment in innovation via AI is a key driver in future tailored travel experiences.
  • This is the first use of a Large Language Model on both the App and website aimed at enhancing user experience
  • The “Hook, Look, Book” approach will see travellers given recommendations via a mix of ChatGPT and in-house machine learning.
  • UK chosen to pilot the scheme which can give customers curated city itineraries within the blink of an eye.

lastminute.com wins landmark court case against Ryanair 

  •  Swiss Supreme Court rules in favour of lastminute.com and confirms its legitimacy of selling Ryanair flights.
  • The judgement was declared a “major milestone” by the lastminute.com group and a “win for consumers” following a 15-year battle through the Swiss Courts.
  • In rejecting Ryanair’s appeal, the Swiss Supreme Court highlighted the airline’s media campaigns as “contrary to the Federal Law Against Unfair Competition”.
  • In light of the ruling, the CEO of lastminute.com now hopes to extend an “olive branch” to Ryanair to find a better way forward collaboratively.
  • On top of the costs already granted to lastminute.com in the lower courts, Ryanair have been ordered to pay an additional CHF 49,000. 

lastminute.com announced as the exclusive travel partner for Priority from O2

  • JET SET FOR LESS: with the deal, millions of O2 and Virgin Media customers gain access to discounts on departures.
  • PUTTING THE ROME IN ROAMING: partnership deals could see up to £100 off a city break for holidaymakers in 2023.
  • MAKING BOARDING A PRIORITY: customers of O2 and Virgin Media can also enter prize draws to win weekends away to the likes of Barcelona and Amsterdam.

New Board decides to not appeal SECO decision

Amsterdam / Chiasso, 22 December 2022 – lastminute.com N.V. (“lastminute.com”), the European Travel-Tech leader in Dynamic Holiday Packages, today held its first meeting of the newly constituted Board of Directors. The Board acknowledged and approved the decisions of its Swiss subsidiaries to not appeal the notification of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The benefits received by the Swiss subsidiaries involved will be repaid, thus ending the procedure with SECO. The subsidiaries will now liaise with SECO to organise the payment of the requested amount.

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